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How to support Stichting SpierKracht during the covid-19 crisis

Let's face it, the Covid-19 crisis is a hard time for everyone financially.

Stichting SpierKracht still wants to fundraise to be able to pay for hospital bills for people with Muscular Dystrophy, so how can you support Stichting SpierKracht in these difficult times?

The support necessary isn't just financial support, it's also moral support for all of the people quarantined since the beginning of this year, to make their day.

By paying money:

  • you can donate money directly to Stichting SpierKracht

  • You can buy someone with MD (who is in preventive quarantine) flowers or coffee, to cheer up their day (you can ask us for addresses)

  • you can buy one of my handmade products of which I donate all the profits to Stichting SpierKracht (amigurumi or garments, made to order)

Without paying money:

  • you can follow/like us on social media to raise awareness

  • you can share information about our foundation

  • pay someone a visit in their garden, during nice weather they can sit in their front yard and have a cuppa with someone.

For example, our entire family has been quarantined since February

And there are a lot more people out there who are in preventive quarantine, so I think it's nice if everybody is alone together!

So, people, come on and help me out. Send a card, some flowers, a cup of coffee, or maybe a letter to someone in preventive quarantine to let them know they aren't alone.


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